Congratulations to Denver Neely...
bowling in the Meridian Sweetheart Doubles league....300/300/258 = 858 series!
Congrats Denver!


At the OKC's General Membership Meeting, the following were elected to the Board of Directors with terms to begin Aug 1, 2019.

Les Austin will step up from Pres. Elect to President 2019-21
Linda Wilson was elected as President Elect 2019-21
Sissy Christy - Re-Elected as Director - 2019-22
Janet Vaughan - Re-Elected as Director - 2019-22
Roger Klenke - Re-Elected as Director - 2019-22
Diana Leesekamp - Elected as Director - 2019-22
Brian Overman - Elected as Director - 2019-22
Anne Marie Duggan - Re-Elected as Youth Director - 2019-22
Ken Jones - Elected as Youth Director - 2019-22

Greater OKC Area will be hosting the 2020 State Jamboree this next year.
Anyone interested in volunteering, please contact Association office at:  943-5590

**********BVL FUNDRAISER UPDATE**********
President, Debbie Strong made a presentation to the Chief of Voluntary Services of the VAMC on Friday, April 12th along with Board Directors, Sissy Christy, Roger Klenke and Association Manager, John Williamson.

Thank You Letter from BVL:  Show Me!
They attended the uplifting performance of...
Because OKC Bowlers care we were able to present a check to the VAMC for $2,383.50

We'd like to thank the following leagues for their support!!!

Meridian-Twilite Mixers $73; Meridian-FAA Southside $92;Meridian-13 Point Thurs Night $272; Boulevard-Knights of Columbus $155; Heritage-Tuesday Twisters $114; Boulevard-Manufacturers $251; Sooner Lanes-Sports $112.50; Meridian-Hangovers $215; Holiday-Premiere $146; Meridian-Redbirds $165; Heritage-Bowlers R US $216; Heritage-Thurs 9pin & Men's Beer $83; Meridian-Civic $160; Meridian- AM Mixers $223; Windsor Lanes-Sunday Mixers $75; Heritage-Sunday Twisters $134.50; Tinker Lanes-EIW $46.50

Bowl for the Cure - UPDATE
Bowl for the Cure is sponsored by USBC in partnership with Susan G. Komen to help support research, education, treatment assistance and other community programs.

A Total of $1,235.50 was collected and $1,085.50 has been donated to Bowl for the Cure with it earmarked to benefit the Western District of Oklahoma's chapter of Susan G. Komen Foundation.
Thank you to:  Sooner Lanes - Sports $175.00; AMF Windsor Lanes-Newcomers $167.50; Heritage Lanes-Tuesday Twisters $270.00; Meridian Lanes-Twilite Mixers $104.00; Meridian Lanes-FAA $95.00; AMF Windsor Lanes-Thursday Early Mixed $113.00; Planet Bowl-Mixed Satellites $174.00; Heritage Lanes-Sunday Twisters $60.00; Tinker Lanes-Tuesday EIW $77.00.

Congratulations to Legacy Pro Shop bowling in the Windsor Trio league...
The 3 member team bowled the following and will receive recognition for outstanding scores:

Paul Brewbaker III - 191/192/279=662
Jimmy McMartin - 300/248/277=825
James Cantere - 246/246/277=769

The 3rd Team Scratch Game of 833 is a STATE RECORD! and National Award!   The Team Scratch Series of 2256 is a National Award!

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The Greater Oklahoma City Area USBC Association is proud to announce the 2018 Inductees into The Hall of Fame...
Juaqueta Nix, Service
Lois Riggan, Service
Tiffany Stanbrough, Performance
Lloyd Hayer, Performance
Jimmy Beavers, Performance

This year's inductees ceremonies was held, Sunday, October 14th at 3:00pm during the OKC Mixed Team Tournament at Heritage Lanes.  33 teams competed and fun was had by most!
See Results under Tournament page.


USBC now has Membership and Awards for Special Olympics!
Contact Association Manager for more information or visit



Gr OKC Area USBC Officials are conducting Annual Lane Inspections to make sure all lanes are safe and fair for everyone!

USBC Membership Dues remain at $27.00
 The cost of USBC Local Dues are $12.00; State Dues $2.00 and National Dues $13.00.

Special Olympic Membership $10.00 with $7.00 to USBC and $3.00 to Local Association.

We are Still
the Best Bargain of all Sports membership and with USBC Being the governing body for the Sport of Bowling,
Membership Benefits far outweigh all other amateur sports.
To see a list of membership benefits click here.

The OKC Board is looking for a recording secretary.  Anyone interested in recording our meetings please contact office at:  405-943-5590.

The Oklahoma City Hall of Fame and Museum is seeking nominations for it's October 2019 Induction. Candidates must
be 40 years of age at the time of induction and have had 10 years as a member of the OKC Association.
Service: Made outstanding contributions to the good and welfare of the game through administrational or organizational work.
Performance: Any Bowler, through their competitive skills, has displayed outstanding ability in the game of American Ten Pins over a minimum of twenty years as an active bowler with a minimum of (10) combined years in the OKC Association.
NOTE: Nomination forms can be found in the information section of this website but must be turned into the association office by July 1, 2019.



Composite Averages
Many tournaments and even some leagues may now be asking for composite averages to enter their tournament. A composite average is the average of the bowler who bowls in two or more USBC leagues in a season. The average is determined by adding the total pins for all the leagues and dividing the results by the total number of games bowled in those leagues. In order for us to have accurate information on composite averages, league secretaries must now when sending in their final averages include all information on every USBC member bowling in their league. We will need the total pins, number of games and the average for each member to enter into our data base. Previously secretaries only needed to send information on bowlers who had a minimum of 21 games. Now information will be required on all bowlers regardless the number of games bowled.


On Wednesday Night September 9, 2009,
CEDRIC GAINES Bowled a near perfect 889 series. While bowling in the Boulevard Handicap League at AMF Boulevard Lanes, Cedric shot game scores of 300, 289, 300 for a NEW OKLAHOMA STATE RECORD SERIES.
CONGRATULATIONS!!Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up
Cedric was also presented in October a Plaque and Jacket form the Oklahoma Centers Bowling Associated. Its President Dickie Ward presented the Plague that depicted his scores frame by frame. David Swarts, General Manager at AMF Boulevard presented the black jacket that had Cedric's game and series total embroidered on it.
National Bowling Stadium in Reno Nevada
SmileSmileTongueWinkBig smile
Anne Marie Duggan Bowls Okla. City Women's High Series
Anne Marie already in the top 5 in the nation for career 800 series by a woman, rolled on November 19, in the Boulevard Handicap league at AMF Boulevard, an Oklahoma City Record High Series 833. Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up   
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