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Hall of Fame Nominations forms deadline:  May 31, 2018
Submit to Association Manager at 3633 NW 21, OKC, OK 73107
Mike Nelms and JR Hudson were add to the OKC Bowling
Hall of Fame at induction ceremonies October 8 during the
OKC Mixed Team Event.  Congratulations!!!!!!!!!
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We just completed another Coaches Bowling Clinic at Meridian Lanes Saturday, April 14th, 2018.  Great feedback, good participation and thanks to our coaches and Director JR Hudson, Silver Coach

USBC Membership Dues effective August 1, 2017:
 The cost of USBC Local Dues will be $12.00  added to the new increased $2.00 State dues and the $13.00 National dues making a total of $27.00. Still the cheapest of all Sports membership and with USBC Being the governing body for the Sport of Bowling,
Membership Benefits far out weight all other amateur sports.
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The Oklahoma City Hall of Fame lost two of it's members:

Louise Mackey
Shirley Cotham


The Oklahoma City Hall of Fame and Museum is seeking nominations for it's October 2018 Induction. Candidates must
be 40 years of age at the time of induction and have had 10 years as a member of the OKC Association.
Service: Made outstanding contributions to the good and welfare of the game through administrational or organizational work.
Performance: Any Bowler, through their competitive skills, has displayed outstanding ability in the game of American Ten Pins over a minimum of twenty years as an active bowler with a minimum of (10) combined years in the OKC Association.
NOTE: Nomination forms can be found in the information section of this website but must be turned into the association office by May 31, 2018.

 New USBC Series record scores for Gr. OKC Area Bowling
Centers have been rolled recently
Steve Arthurton set a new house record for Tinker AFB Lanes 867 and Pete Thomas set a new standard for Firelake Bowling Center - Shawnee  858, Also Jimmy McMartin established a new high for AMF Windsor with an 848

 You too might have a national bowled team score in league play but are unaware of it at the time. Click here to view the National Team high game and series categories and the minimum qualifying score. Award application can be found in the information page.
"League Secretaries" this is why you should check your Team scores each week. You never know! Team Score application and score requirements can be found on the information page with other forms.


 The 800 series
I have always been amassed at one's ability to bowl an 800 series for 3 games.
it takes roughly a minimum of 27 strikes to shoot 800, or 30 strikes to shoot 830.
The following is a summary of all 800 series bowled in The Greater OKC Area USBC Association since August 1, 2005 since the inception of USBC.
Most bowled by an individual in League Play  Thru July 1st, 2016        with at least 8 series
(17)  Pete Thomas*      (858)
(16)  Jimmy Mc Martin  (848)       
(14)  Jeff Hatt               (848)                     
(11)  Shannon Carson* (836)                
(11)  Cedric Gains        (889)  
(11)  David Ruder         (840)
(10)  Donnie Cassel*    (816)
(10)  Paul Norwood      (858)
(10)  Darry Weigle*       (835)
(9)    Randall Bennett*    (846)
(9)    Davon Hill             (846)
(9)    Kevin Washington (846)
(8)    Steve Arthurton*   (867) 
 To see all 800's series bowled in OKC Leagues since 2005 click here
                                                   Women's 800series only      click here

List by Bowling Center with record  highest Score
  AMF Boulevard Lanes 889 - Cedric Gaines
  AMF Moore Lanes 835 - Jeff Sparks
  AMF Sunny Lanes 857 - Brian Fleming
  AMF Winsor Lanes   848 Jimmy McMartin  prior to 2005 David White 864
  AMF Yukon Lanes 858 - Paul Norwood
  Firelake Bowling Center 858  Pete Thomas*
  Heritage Lanes 837 - Brad Nixon
  Holiday Lanees - 858 Pete Thomas*    prior to 2005 Charles McLean 878
  Meridian Lanes 844 - James Brady
  Penn 44 Lanes 846 - Jeromy Persinger
  Planet Bowl 840 - Randy Bennett*
  Shawnee Bowl   835 - William Panther III   
  Sixty-Six Bowl 827 - Doug Hergenrader
  Sooner Bowl  -  823 - David Monson
  Tinker AFB Lanes 867 - Steve Arthurton*
Note: All results are for USBC Scores and only since Aug. 1, 2005
* OKC Hall of Fame Member
Composite Averages
Many tournaments and even some leagues may now be asking for composite averages to enter their tournament. A composite average is the average of the bowler who bowls in two or more USBC leagues in a season. The average is determined by adding the total pins for all the leagues and dividing the results by the total number of games bowled in those leagues. In order for us to have accurate information on composite averages, league secretaries must now when sending in their final averages include all information on every USBC member bowling in their league. We will need the total pins, number of games and the average for each member to enter into our data base. Previously secretaries only needed to send information on bowlers who had a minimum of 21 games. Now information will be required on all bowlers regardless the number of games bowled.
New USBC Tournament rule effective August 1, 2012
Rule 319a Requires bowlers to use the highest of either their composite average of all leagues, or the bowlers highest single-league average of 21 games or more. BE SURE YOU READ AND COMPLY WITH THE TOURNAMENT ENTERING RULE FOR  EACH TOURNAMENT YOU ENTER.

                           Based on Honor Score Records at the Association

Indicates OKC Hall of Fame Member
OKC Women Top Bowlers
On Wednesday Night September 9, 2009, CEDRIC GAINES Bowled a near perfect 889 series. While bowling in the Boulevard Handicap League at AMF Boulevard Lanes, Cedric shot game scores of 300, 289, 300 for a NEW OKLAHOMA STATE RECORD SERIES.
CONGRATULATIONS!!Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up
Cedric was also presented in October a Plaque and Jacket form the Oklahoma Centers Bowling Associated. Its President Dickie Ward presented the Plague that depicted his scores frame by frame. David Swarts, General Manager at AMF Boulevard presented the black jacket that had Cedric's game and series total embroidered on it.
National Bowling Stadium in Reno Nevada
SmileSmileTongueWinkBig smile
Anne Marie Duggan Bowls Okla. City Women's High Series
Anne Marie already in the top 5 in the nation for career 800 series by a woman, rolled on November 19, in the Boulevard Handicap league at AMF Boulevard, an Oklahoma City Record High Series 833. Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up   
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