Millie Ricker
Inducted in 2005
Catagory:  Service
Millie is the cut up of the group.  The life of the Party, always smiling, cheerful and full of life.  Fun to be around, fun to travel with and a TALKER.!!!  Shes talking while sitting in the seatee area, Shes talking as she takes her approach, as she delivers the ball and all the way back from foul line to her seat.  Shes usually always late, so as to make a grand entrance and has more excuses than imageable why she is late.  Unfortunately Millie is also accident prone, often missing her Tournament time because of becoming ill and going to the Hospital or being run over by a luggage rack and being carted off in a Fire Rescue Vehicle bleeding profusely from a gash on her leg.  Once while gambling on a River Boat Casino, she threw up in her money cup.  But when she does make the Tournament Squad or bowling in league play or Association Meetings she makes the meeting and bowling enjoyable.  Millie too!!! gets involved, she is a workaholic with a great attitude.  Has been on the OCWBA for 13 years and attended 10 WIBC Conventions.  As Chair of the OCWBA Womens Tournament Activities Committee she was instrumental in forming the Tournaments give a way programs and started the very popular Strikes-N-
Row prizes.  She is also the hardest worker at soliciting donations and gifts and gets fellow Directors to do so.
She makes a tough task seem easy and is a pleasure to work with.  Millie is always a top choice to be asked to serve on Committees because she gives her all and her bubbly personality is often contagious.  While being a hard worker and active bowler, her greatest joy is her family.  Widowed after 46 years of marriage to Pete and now retired from Tinker AFB, She dedicates her time to her family and the Bowling Association.  A sanctioned bowler for 40 years she has a High Game of 263 and a High Series of 619.  Because of her hard work, involvement and dedication to bowling and because we too have become accustomed to her infectious smile and bubbly personalitily the OKC Bowling Council is joyfully proud to induct Millie Ricker into its Hall of Fame.