Juanita "Skeet" Stowe

       March 25,1911 - March 20, 1975
Copied from 1974-75 Tulsa Women Association Yearbook
      On March 20, 1975 the State of Oklahoma lost one of its foremost bowling leaders with the death of Juanita "Skeet" Stowe.
      To many she was known as Mrs. Jim Stowe, to others as Juanita Stowe, but to all bowlers throughtout the State of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City and many other States, she was "Skeet" Stowe. "Skeet" titles were numerous. She was president of the Oklahoma State Womens Bowling Association. Oklahoma City Womens
Bowling Association, Coordinator of the Oklahoma City Youth Bowling program
and Executive Secretary of the Oklahoma City Bowling Proprietors Association.
In her 35 years of service to all phases of bowling, she won many championships,
but her main concern was always with the promation of the game and whenever there was a tournament going on, "Skeet" as not only participatingin it, she was
involved with the running of it. One of her biggest challenges was the formation of the Oklahoma State Queens Tournament in 1964, which was successfully run for
12 years. The Tulsa Womens Bowling Association has always been grateful to
"Skeet" for the years and devoted hours spent in helping our fund raising and
many, many other porjects in connection with the "1970" WIBC Championship
Tournament and Convention. There are not enough adequate words to memorialize "Skeet" Stowe and her devotion to anything she undertook, but her
daughter Joan best  described her in a quote she once read which truly is
"Skeet" Stowe: "She was creative, She was a seeker, one who looked closely at life and who looked forward to each tomorrow as the day she would grasp the
secrets of existence. To her acquaintances she was kindly, to her friends she was a friend, to her family, she was all things."
   Charter member of the  Oklahoma Womens Bowling Hall of Fame
Inducted in the skill category 1983