Haynes, Jim

Year Inducted: 2006

Category: Service/Proprietor
Margaret (aka Peggy) and Jim Haynes are being inducted into the Service "slash" Proprietor catagory. Peggy and Jim purchased Sixty-Six Bowl at 39th and Portland in 1978 and began their extinguished career as Bowling Proprietors. Jim had been a successful National Salesman for AMF earning a 25 year award in 1975. He started in Dallas, then to New Orleans (where he met and married Peggy), then on to Albuquerque, N.M. and finally to Oklahoma City. Before the purchase of 66 Bowl, Peggy worked and bowled at Boulevard Bowl in Edmond. Along the way they had 3 children , Cory, Trey and Michael and now have 1 granddaughter Sarah Stevens.

Starting with little means and very little money, Peggy and Jim had to do all the work. Jim worked the business aspect while Peggy sought and promoted leagues. Because 66 Bowl was the oldest and most historic center in OKC it had been the site of many of the major Tournaments in the area. Jim worked very hard to keep those Tournaments and added many new ones. Such as the Walt Neal and Hazel Green Tournaments, PBA Regional, and Southwest Regional Resident Pro Championship. They also hosted many OKC Association City Championships, The Mens State Tournament and Southwest Annual Championship.

Meanwhile, Peggy with her gracious personality and always available to help leagues form or with problems was successful in obtaining a full house of leagues. Not like it is today but back then it was 24 teams both at 6:15 and 8:45, 6 or 7 days a week. She not only formed them but because of her gracious, generous and uncomplaining personality, 66 Bowl has had a very high rate of retention. Many leagues formed in 1978 or before are still bowling at 66 Bowl today. Such as the Civic League, Women Bankers, and the Elks. They also have the most day time leagues in Okla. City.

66 Bowls name is derived from the fact that Route 66 runs down 39th street on the north side of the Center and with that in mind the Haynes renovated the Center in 1991 to the Route 66 theme and also the to put down synthetic lanes. It was only the second center in OKC to do so.The Bowling Centers sign out front is part of the Route 66 historical archives and has appeared in Rand McNally and the New York Times.Both Jim and Peggy are members of the OKC Bowling Proprietors Association. Both have served as its President. Jim has been the Association representative on the Bowling Council for many years.

Peggy has been on the Board of Directors for High School Bowling the past 4 years. It is because of their generosity and work with fellowproprietors within the BPA that High School Bowling is the fastest growing sport in America and Youth bowling is on the upswing in OKC.Their generosity falls over into their caring and loving attitude toward their fellow man. The Center has always opened their hearts to the very special and handicapped society with organizations such as the Special Olympics, Dale Rogers Center, LAVON, and the Oklahoma Foundation coming to bowl at 66. Every other Friday they have a group of wheelchair bowlers.

OH!!! They also find time to Bowl.........................................

Peggy bowls sometimes 3 days a week while Jim will bowl once or twice a week. They participate in several of the local Tournaments and they did bowl today. Peggy has bowled in 18 National WIBC Tournaments, traveling with many of the Lady Delegates of the OKC Womens Association.It is with this loving, caring, generous attitude of "I Love my Job and the people who bowl" and for everything you do. The Oklahoma Bowling Council proudly inducts Peggy and Jim Haynes into its Hall of Fame.